A real man dreams of a car. And a real woman about a luxurious fur coat! Since 1999 order sewing a fur coat can be at the Voznesenskaya Flagship House.

For someone, the desire to own a luxurious fur coat comes with maturity, someone just has a need for warmth and comfort. For some, a fur coat is a fashion item, while others are simply in love with fur.

Today in stores and markets there are a lot of expensive and not very fur products. In this variety of furs, colors and styles, it is easy to get confused and possibly become a victim of scammers. Very often, cheaper types of fur are passed off as expensive and exclusive. That is why sewing a fur coat in a trusted atelier is the right decision. In addition, the masters of the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion will always tell you which fur to choose - we have a huge selection of our own fur from the best manufacturers.

If you are still thinking about buying a fur or a fur coat in the market or in stores, then even if you are sure that you are buying a mink, this does not mean that it is of good manufacture, and the chemistry of which it was made is safe for health. The wear resistance of the fur, the elasticity of the leather fabric, the shine of the hair and its ability to pass air and absorb moisture depend on the quality of the manufacture of fur. After all, it is for these wonderful properties that we love him. And the quality of tailoring may be poor. Even the most beautiful and expensive fur can be spoiled by an artisanal craftsman with poor-quality stitching, poor dressing of skins and outdated cut.

Also, the status of fur is significantly reduced by the cheap synthetic lining and plastic fittings. Factory-made coats of mass sewing, perhaps of the best sewing quality, but tailored according to the same patterns, lose their exclusivity. The typicality of such products and the monotony of the fur, equalizes everyone into one gray fluffy mass. There are so many factors influencing the purchase of this or that product. What to do, how to spend money wisely and not be deceived?


If you do not want to have your fur coat destroyed, do not save on its repair!
Address only certified furriers and use only factory dry cleaners! Everything else is “amateurishness”. “Penny-wise, but pound — foolish”, think about the question — can there be high quality for a small price?


Красивые шубы

Exclusive tailoring of a fur coat

Very easy to order sewing a fur coat individually for themselves from certified specialists who selectively approach all proposals of fur suppliers. The experience of our tailors and furriers has crossed the fifteen-year line of working with leather and fur. Our specialists were trained in Ukraine, Russia and France.

Пошив шуб Киев

Заказать пошив шубы

Пошить шубу в Киеве

Пошив шубы

But the advantages are not only that sewing a fur coat for the first time for you remains transparent: at any stage of work you can observe how this or that operation takes place with your fur. But also in the fact that you are not limited in your imagination and desire to stand out from the total mass of gray and mediocre fur coats. Thanks to the design direction of our studio (Kiev), you have the opportunity to be the creator of your personal style - this allows you to make an exclusive individual tailoring of a fur coat in our studio-studio.

Качественный пошив шуб

Недорогой пошив шубы

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Качественный пошив шубы в Киеве

Call our flagship Voznesenskaya Fashion House today! Experts with experience since 1999 will not only advise you on the most relevant models for this season, but will also help you make a choice from our huge assortment of fur - we always have it. In addition, we carry out alteration of fur coats, professional Clothing repair - shortening the bottom of the product, making collars, hoods from it, making the edge, repairing fur products and much more. Call us today - we will quickly and efficiently cope with the task before us!

Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House offers the most optimal approach to the formation of prices for services of tailoring and repairing clothes, as well as accessories. All exclusive services of a high level and quality of service are provided under the Platinum Master program at the address: st. Institutskaya, 19-B in Kiev. The cost of such services, as a rule, is 30-50% higher and more than in our other salon-studio on Pulyuya street, 5 - here you will also receive guaranteed quality of manufacture, repair and restoration of clothes, but the level of service is offered only according to the program " Gold Master ".


Services in repair of clothes, restoration, tailoring and production of accessories

in the studio is located at ul. Institute 19-B in Kiev

provided only by service level

“Platinum Master”

Given the higher level of service,

prices are higher by 30-50% or more,

than in the studio at: ul. Pulia, 5 is here

services at the level of service are provided

“Gold Master”

masters of kiev studio



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Our phones for recording:

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