The best studio in Kiev

Voznesenskaya Fashion House: sewing and restoration of clothes from an elite studio in Kiev

Beautiful and high-quality clothing for a modern person is one of the main conditions for an excellent reputation and success. Of course, a wardrobe can be made up of an assortment of fashion boutiques. Fashion prêt-à-porter offers a wide selection of models for every taste. But to get unique items tailored to individual standards is priceless. Atelier of Kiev - Flagship House of Voznesenskaya Fashion - not only creates costumes and dresses for its customers, but gives a unique style.

What does the tailoring company offer

Refinement and high quality of products are guaranteed to customers of a tailoring company. Fashion House Voznesenskaya offers a wide range of services for the manufacture and repair of clothing, because for his team there are no difficult tasks.

Experienced wizards will create:

  • office and evening dresses in which every woman will feel like a queen;
  • business suits for business women;
  • blouses and skirts for the most diverse looks;
  • wedding and prom dresses.

Atelier doors in Kiev are open not only for beautiful ladies. For men, professional cutters and tailors will produce:

  • shirts;
  • jackets;
  • jumpers and vests;
  • evening dress coats;
  • pants

In addition, the clothing atelier offers tailoring of men's and women's leather and fur products. Experienced furriers and tanners will create:

  • jackets;
  • coat;
  • sleeveless jackets;
  • pants;
  • jackets;
  • fur coats;
  • short fur coats.

Exquisite accessories from the sewing studio in Kiev

The Ascension Fashion House knows that to create a truly harmonious and complete image of clothing alone, albeit of the highest quality, is not enough. The image consists of thoughtful details and touches. Such elements can be custom-made in a tailoring studio:

  • handbags;
  • pants;
  • scarves and scarves
  • hats.

Turning to a sewing studio in Kiev, customers receive not only a unique thing, but also accessories that will give the image a zest and completeness.

Sewing workshop in Kiev: repair and restoration of designer clothes

The list of services that the studio provides, clothing repair is included in the first place. The help of a tailor may be needed in a variety of situations. For example, if you want to breathe a second life into your favorite jacket or jeans. Then you should turn to the professionals from the sewing workshop in Kiev.

However, when it comes to exclusive models from well-known brands, it is important to trust only the true artists of their field, and not the employees of the nearest atelier, in which there may be no sufficient technical base.

In the Voznesenskaya Fashion House real virtuosos of tailoring art work. They will quickly and efficiently perform any task:

  • will customize clothes according to your figure;
  • shorten or add trousers to length;
  • alter the dress;
  • repair damaged knitted or crocheted fabric.

All operations are performed using modern technologies (for example, “hot scissors”) and professional equipment.

Atelier of clothes in Kiev: restoration of leather and fur

The experience of the talented team of Voznesenskaya Fashion House will be invaluable for those who turn to a tailoring studio in Kiev to repair leather goods. For repair, a material is selected that exactly matches the product in texture and tone.

In an elite clothing atelier (Kiev), the craftsmen will repair any damage to a leather product:

  • holes;
  • shabby cuffs;
  • cracked collar;
  • hardware that has fallen into disrepair.

The range of services also includes the restoration of fur things. Masters from the atelier of sewing clothes (Kiev) will eliminate pollution on fur products by the factory dry cleaning method, and restore armholes on a fur coat.

Advantages of a clothing repair studio (Kiev)

The main advantage, which, without a doubt, is distinguished by a clothing repair studio in Kiev is the love of craftsmen for their work. Regardless of the size of the order and its complexity, each client is guaranteed a friendly attitude, first-class service and an individual approach.

However, an outstanding team of specialists is not the only thing that distinguishes Voznesenskaya's studio in Kiev from other workshops. The advantages of Fashion House are modern sewing equipment, luxury quality materials, as well as the widest range of services.

Atelier in the center of Kiev: convenient location for customer comfort

At Voznesenskaya Fashion House, they care about the comfort of customers and are proud of it. A convenient location is one of the components of comfort. Finding an atelier in Kiev in the city center is not difficult.

What materials does the Ascension Fashion House use

Professionals are well aware that creating a fashionable masterpiece is possible only from fabric or leather of the highest quality. Therefore, the use of exclusively first-class materials in work has become one of the principles of a clothing studio in Kiev.

So, the tanners and cutters of the workshop create the best products from calf and sheep skin. These materials are characterized by softness, excellent appearance and greater durability in comparison with the pig skin used in the mass market segment. In addition, the masters of Kiev studio work with the skin of exotic animals: crocodile and snake.

Fur, like fabrics, is purchased at leading global auctions.

Clothing sewing (Kiev): a truly personal approach

If the client does not have time or the opportunity to come to the studio, but it is necessary to order indoshiv clothes (Kiev) - nothing is easier! The workshop provides a specialist home departure service at a convenient time for the client.

Atelier of women's clothing: prices for the services of masters

Of course, the cost of services is not the last factor that customers think about when contacting a women's clothing atelier. The final amount depends on the scale, complexity and focus of the work. Minor repair of textiles or replacement of accessories is inexpensive in the Kiev studio, but urgent tailoring of a suit requires a more serious investment.

However, customers can be sure that in the Flagship Fashion House of Voznesenskaya they are waiting for the optimal combination of price, speed of execution and quality of work.