Ремонт кожаной одежды Киев

Professional repair of leather clothes encompasses a wide range of services offered by the competent employees of our tailor shop.

Natural leather clothes items are stylish, fashionable, practicable, up-to-date and comfortable. The owner of such things is always in line with fashion. If you make the right choice, your leather clothes may last many years and remain untouched by time. This may be a jacket, a suit jacket, a coat, a vest, a dress, pants, or anything you want. A leather jacket is actually the most common clothes item.

Отремонтировать кожаную одежду Киев

The latest leather finishing and designer solutions enable production of the highest quality leather used for outerwear design and inspire the designers for the most daring ideas. Perforation and laser cutting make the finished leather formable and the leather items unique. At the same time, leather remains soft and vulnerable to mechanic damages.

Ремонт кожаной одежды услуги


So what are the possible damages? As a result of regular use, you may discover unpleasant flaws spoiling the view of the item, for example:

  • scuffs in the areas of frequent rubbing;
  • stretched leather in the regions of elbows and knees;
  • pocket damages;
  • fitting breakage;
  • broken zippers that have to be replaced;
  • loose decorative seams;
  • torn and worn –out lining;
  • open seams;
  • cuts and ripped out buttons with large tears;
  • broken snap buttons and magnets;
  • perforated leather damages;
  • tears in the regions near the pockets;
  • frays;
  • frayed top collar in leather clothes;
  • abrasion of the upper layer of leather;
  • fading of leather and suede color;
  • scratches on the leather;
  • loose leather clothes;
  • tight leather clothes;
  • outdated style of leather clothes.

The professionals of Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House can do everything for you. All of the above mentioned and other possible flaws can be eliminated and your desires shall be taken into account in course of the leather clothes repair. The damaged fragments of your leather clothes may be replaced, or you may order any other custom repair.

Brand leather clothes repair

It goes without saying that the due care and storage in the wardrobe as well as treatment with the remedies protecting the leather from weather conditions may substantially extend the life of your leather clothes. But for prevention purposes, quality repair of leather items is advisable at the end of each season of use for each leather clothes item. In addition, it is much nicer to start the new season with previously mended clothes instead of suddenly remembering about the loose buttons or frayed cuffs.

Ремонт брендовой кожаной одежды Киев

In Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House, you can order quality intersessional maintenance of your leather clothes.

The ability to work with any material in course of leather clothes repair, many years of experience and professional skills, as well as great variety of fittings and accessories enable us to deliver quick and, most importantly, quality repairs of leather clothes. We can refurbish your favorite garments and restore their original appearance. This is also true for the brand clothes repair. Our experts fix the leather clothes with use of the special strong threads, non-toxic professional glue and quality fittings recognized at the best known world factories, including the zippers, buttons, hooks, rivets, magnets, snap buttons and decorative accessories.

In case of the lining change, we can offer you the catalogues of durable lining materials with special twist of thread and strong structure for leather items.

Ремонт кожаной одежды Киев

Leather clothes repair prices

The cost of the leather clothes repair is established independently because the scope of work, the leather condition, and the problem is unique in each separate case.

You shouldn’t trust just anyone to repair your expensive leather clothes searching for more affordable options because such repairs should be performed by the experienced professionals only, the experts working with leather and using the specialized equipment as well as resources designated for leather only.

Ремонт кожаных вещей Киев

We choose the solutions to the problems together with the clients and offer several options of fixing your leather items.

The experts of Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House exhibit creative approaches to all kinds of tasks and eagerly negotiate various solutions with due regard for the client suggestions.


Our services are not restricted to leather clothes repair only, we can also tailor your clothes to fit you like a glove, shorten the sleeves or finish and even extend the relevant component of your leather garment. Of course, a trifle like long jacket or sheepskin sleeve can ruin the view of the entire item. Also, we can change the length of the bottom of your item, replace the zipper or the lining, or even remodel anything to bring it back to life. This list of services is especially useful for those clients who buy the leather things at our Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House because this enables fast and prompt try-on and fitting. Before purchasing a leather clothes item, you can consult our expert if the item needs a substantial finalization.

Ремонт кожаной одежды цены

If you choose the services of our professionals, you will enjoy the full and efficient service and highest quality of work!

The leather clothes repair can be done within a day or even several hours!

We offer you high quality with the warranty.