Repair of leather clothing

Professional repair of leather clothes — this is a fairly wide range of services, in the provision of which our atelier is competent.

Genuine leather wardrobe items — it is stylish, fashionable, practical, relevant and comfortable. The owner of such things is always in trend, and a properly selected item made of this material will last for many years, while maintaining an impeccable appearance. It can be: jacket, jacket, coat, vest, dress, trousers and whatever imagination draws. It is perhaps difficult to imagine any wardrobe item more versatile than a leather jacket.

Modern technologies of dressing and design solutions allow to obtain the highest quality leather, which is used in the modeling of outerwear and allows to embody the most extraordinary ideas of the designer. Perforation and laser treatment make the treated leather pliable and the products made from it unique. And at the same time, it becomes tender and vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Restoring the color of a leather jacket
Repair and restoration of leather jackets


What damage is possible? As a result of frequent use, unpleasant defects can appear that can spoil the visual impression, such as:

  • scuffs in places of frequent rubbing;
  • stretched skin on the elbows and knees;
  • damage in the area of ​​pockets;
  • breakage of fittings;
  • replacement of zippers in leather clothing;
  • blossoming finishing seams;
  • damaged and worn lining;
  • loose seams;
  • cuts and torn «with meat» buttons;
  • broken buttons and magnets;
  • damage to perforated skin;
  • damage in places near pockets;
  • abrasion of the skin;
  • a worn top collar in leather clothing;
  • removed top layer of skin;
  • faded color of leather and suede;
  • scratches on the skin;
  • large size of leather clothing;
  • small size of leather clothing;
  • outdated style of leather clothing.

For professionals of the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House — nothing is impossible. All these and other possible defects are removable and your wishes are taken into account in the process of repairing leather clothing. Possible replacement of damaged leather clothing fragments and other author's repair.

Leather repair shop

Repair of branded leather clothing

Of course, proper skin care and storage in a dressing room and treatment with weather protection products can significantly extend the life of a leather item. However, quality repair of leather clothes, for preventive purposes, it is recommended to carry out at the end of seasonal operation for all wardrobe items. In addition, it is much more pleasant to start a new season with a prepared garment, rather than thinking about dangling buttons or frayed cuffs. In the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion, you can order a high-quality off-season service for leather items.

Ability to work with any material for the repair of leather clothing, many years of experience and professional knowledge, as well as a large selection of aids and accessories — enables us to guarantee fast, and most importantly, high-quality repair of leather clothes. We will restore your favorite things and return the original appearance, including repairing branded leather clothing. Our masters carry out repair of leather clothes using special durable threads, non-toxic professional glue and high-quality accessories that are used in the world's best factories — these are zippers, buttons, hooks, rivets, magnets, buttons and decorative accessories.

To replace the lining, there are catalogs with a durable lining material, a special twist of the thread and a strong structure for leather items.

Restoration of a leather jacket Kiev

Repair of leather clothes: prices

Prices repair of leather clothes are formed individually, because in each case the amount of work, the condition of the skin and the problem that has arisen — totally different.

You should not trust an expensive thing to just anyone in pursuit of cheapness, because repair of leather clothes must be made by experienced craftsmen, leather specialists, using special equipment and improved items intended only for leather.

We determine the ways of solving the problem together with the customer. We will offer several options for eliminating imperfections in leather clothing.

Masters of the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion are creatively approaching any problem that has arisen, they are ready to discuss various solutions, taking into account the wishes of the client.

Leather jacket restoration
Altering leather products


We are not limited to exclusively repairing leather clothing, we can also adjust the existing item to the figure, change the sleeve length to a shorter one, or even refine and lengthen the larger side of a leather item. After all, such a trifle as a long sleeve of a jacket or sheepskin coat can spoil the appearance. Also, you can adjust the length of the bottom, replaces the zipper or lining, or even reshape your favorite item and bring it back to fashion.

This list of services is especially convenient for those clients who purchase leather items in our Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House, since the fitting and fitting of the product can be quickly carried out on the spot. It is possible to consult the master before the purchase if the item needs serious work.

Using the services of our masters, you will receive a complete and prompt service with the highest quality of work!

Restoration of leather jackets Kiev
Price on Repair of leather clothing

The price list may vary depending on inflation in Ukraine and the complexity of the work. The exact price is approved only in the salon.

Service Gold master Platinum Master Exclusive
Repair of leather parts from 1200 UAH from 1400 UAH from 3200 UAH
Break repair | small from 750 UAH from 1200 UAH from 2400 UAH
Big rush from 1600 UAH from 1800 UAH from 3400 UAH
Replacing a leather part with an identical leather from 3200 UAH from 3600 UAH from 4800 UAH
Cleaning leather clothing from 2800 UAH from 3800 UAH from 4800 UAH
Dyeing leather clothing from 2800 UAH from 3800 UAH from 4800 UAH
Replacing the pad from 2000 UAH from 2400 UAH from 3800 UAH
Replace collar from 2200 UAH from 2400 UAH from 3200 UAH
Replacement of knitted cuffs | exclusive from 3400 UAH from 3800 UAH from 4900 UAH
Sew leather clothes from 2500 UAH from 2800 UAH from 3800 UAH
Extend product from 3600 UAH from 4200 UAH from 4600 UAH
Extend leather jacket sleeves | sheepskin coat from 3800 UAH from 4200 UAH from 5700 UAH
Replace the fur lining from 4800 UAH from 5800 UAH from 7800 UAH
Change the zipper in the skirt | trousers | dress from 650 UAH from 850 UAH from 2800 UAH
Sew on a button for 4 strokes with a buttonhole from 60 UAH from 80 UAH from 120 UAH
Replace slider from 250 UAH from 450 UAH from 650 UAH
Make loops 1 PC from 350 UAH from 450 UAH from 650 UAH
Sew up the gap from 350 UAH from 500 UAH from 750 UAH
Eliminate hooks | scratches from 800 UAH from 1400 UAH from 2200 UAH
Restoration - complete from 2900 UAH from 3900 UAH from 4900 UAH

The price list may vary depending on inflation in Ukraine and the complexity of the work. The exact price is approved only in the salon.

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