Sewing an evening dress

Your way out, queen! An elegant tailor-made evening dress will provide you with a luxurious evening. Qualitative evening dress tailoring - preparation for an important event. It is a sacrament whose importance should not be underestimated. After all, those who competently will be able to emphasize their merits and skillfully place accents are capable of making a splash!

Recognition will be obvious: admiring glances, fans at the feet and a lot of pleasant impressions. Evening in secular society was a success! And all because you are beautiful and ordered evening dress tailoring at the Flagship Voznesenskaya Fashion House.

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Tailoring of an evening dress to order

An evening out can transform, bring any woman to another - a royal level. Being in an exquisite image, magical transformations take place with a person. A woman in a beautiful evening dress changes her behavior, reincarnates. When there is a unity of the image and your appearance, this will become obvious to society, and it will be forced to look at you with different eyes, and change its attitude towards you! That is why tailoring evening dresses in an atelier in Kiev is so important for any woman.

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Tailoring of an evening dress to order Kiev

Tailoring of an evening dress or an evening dress from lace

If you decide to sew an evening dress made of thin lace - this is a wonderful choice! Such an outfit will emphasize the tenderness of female forms and give your appearance an unforgettable aristocratic image. Lace will make you unimaginably feminine!

A beautiful evening dress is a long dress with a train, a spectacular mini dress, and a mid-length dress with a decollete. Evening dress tailoring allows you to embody any fantasy and any image: the dress can be embroidered with gold threads and glass beads - it will look stunning in combination with large shiny jewelry, sparkling stones, pearls. Or you can sew a dress in the style of restrained nobility. In addition to bare shoulders, a fur stole or chic fur accessories will look the best.

You can also individually order fur products at the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our work on tailoring from fur on the site in the relevant sections. In the presence of many types of the most diverse fur for every taste!

Beautiful fur products are perfect for a tailored evening dress. You can individually make a soft fur stole or a fur cape for your look.

There is also a large selection of fabrics from Italy and England, a huge selection of raw materials from leather and various types of fur from a wide variety of furs - for any event or for an ordinary everyday look.

To order evening dress tailoring, you should choose a fabric from our catalogs with fabric samples. It is also possible to travel with our stylist to Kiev stores to select and purchase fabrics for the appropriate style and your image. We will select fabric or fur, taking into account your skin color type, taste and wardrobe peculiarities. The fabric, fur or accessories selected with our stylist will certainly be 100% combined with the chosen image when sewing an evening dress. Contact our specialists right now.

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Tailoring of evening dresses

Sewing an evening dress made of satin or silk

Gentle temptation - evening dress tailoring satin or silk. These materials gently caress the skin. Satin or silk, poured into an evening dress, will give lightness to your walk. For a luxurious evening, a silk light trouser suit with accents on your attractive forms will suit.

Silk or satin, flowing, will gently envelop you and caress not only its owner, but also those who touch you. Professional tailoring of evening dresses (Kiev) is exactly the service that will help you look very elegant!

Sewing of evening dresses Kiev


Sewing an evening dress made of chiffon - an intriguingly transparent material, will envelop your silhouette with a light, elegant charm, make you airy like a cloud and gently warm you with light fibers.

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Atelier tailoring of evening dresses


Noble deep velvet will make you mysterious, mysterious and will certainly become the true embodiment of chic. A velvet evening dress or suit can enhance your natural beauty and completely transform. Evening gowns and Barbarella-style gowns are fantastic clothing, tight-fitting, ethereal costumes that provocatively and risky emphasize the shape of the image.

Imagine a luxurious evening dress with a predatory pattern and an effective metal decoration on the whole arm - velvet will add tiger plasticity and sensuality to you. Take on board the sculptural evening dresses, similar to knight's chain mail, such outfits cause universal admiration, they will captivate.


If you have a themed party or just want to emphasize your attractiveness by ordering a retro taffeta dress with a fluffy skirt, your look will certainly be appreciated. This material will make you mysterious and unforgettably "soft rustling". In the old days, the approach of women was guessed by the mysterious rustling dress. Nowadays, in an evening dress, it is possible to achieve the same effect from taffeta fabric. Do not forget to complement the look of the dress with bugles, embroidery, fur or luxurious necklaces with diamonds.

The neckline boldly reveals your most attractive places - chest or back, sides at the waist. Moreover, its depth depends only on your confidence - are they able to bring to a nervous breakdown (in the good sense of the word) and make the surrounding men lose their self-control?

History knows many examples when a woman in a beautiful evening dress stole the hearts of the most powerful men in the world. For example, the legendary dress of Merlin Monroe was called "an evening dress on the verge of a nervous breakdown." A well-tailored dress will make you so attractive that you cannot avoid "undressing with your eyes"!

Warm spring-summer evenings, parties, weddings, birthdays, dates and premieres are the best time to forget about classic trousers and boring jeans and exchange them for a romantic flying look or a noble silhouette.

If you are ready to give up everyday clothes in favor of a cocktail dress, evening dress or evening dress, be sure to contact Voznesenskaya's Flagship Fashion House. Execute qualitatively evening dress tailoring You will be helped by our stylists - skillful masters of tailoring.

Tailoring of an evening dress to order
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