Sewing a prom dress

It is no coincidence that girls assign a very important role to graduation dresses. The last bell, the graduation party, the meeting of the first "adult dawn" - for each girl, such events are on a par with a wedding, an Oscar or other grandiose event, because a graduate has them only once in her life. Prom dress tailoring - always an exciting and responsible procedure, both for the customer and for the masters of the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House. The prom dress symbolizes the moment of transformation from a child girl to an adult girl, a woman. It is in this image that both classmates and teachers want to be remembered.

Many graduates who dream of becoming a princess prefer puffy skirts. But, even if you refuse them, there are many options for a graduate to make an indelible impression and be remembered by classmates, teachers, and even those who accidentally see you.

Remained in the past crinoline skirts on graduates. But if desired, they can turn into an openwork stunning frame. Unusual avant-garde only vaguely reminiscent of historical aristocracy, but capable of making the image unforgettable. Moreover, the skirt can be removable and will allow you to transform one dress into another.

Today prom dress tailoring implies practicality - the possibility of a stylish transformation from a regal look to a minimalist, elegant evening option. Each graduate can show off the skill of embroidery, weaving, weaving openwork lace or a festive thin lace prom dress, and a light train will add aristocratic chic.

If you do not have a red carpet and an orchestra, even just walking in a beautiful prom dress and getting a mousse of positive emotions from such an important and unique prom in your life is worth it to sew a prom dress. Feel like a movie star in Cannes when presenting your diploma or dancing with a worthy gentleman!

Ordering prom dress tailoring, be sure to pay attention to suitable accessories such as a pouch (pouch on hand), which will take place on your wrist, a clutch, a small handbag - the size and capacity will depend on the wishes and purpose of the product. A passport or a mobile phone with a small mirror can fit there and a cash compartment is conveniently located.

In order not to freeze our graduate, you should think about tailoring a jacket, ballerina, cape. Until the meeting of the first "adult dawn", because there will be a festivities for the whole night!

A luxurious graduation party and a long-awaited dawn are the gates to a new adult life. The flagship Voznesenskaya Fashion House will bring your cherished dream of the most beautiful prom dress to life with great pleasure. We can order prom dress tailoring from a photograph, from a fashion magazine or from the collection of any couturier.

Sewing a prom dress Kiev
Sewing dresses for prom
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