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A true fur classic — sable fur coat to order. Sables do not tolerate haste, sable furs are imposing and unhurried. Sable fur is subject to the will to live. The luxury of soft diamonds is available only to a select few, but many dream of a sable fur coat. The luxury of sables is manifested in exquisite softness, and fur in durability and wear resistance.

Sew a sable fur coat — it is to make a soft diamond in detail, emphasizing the sophistication of the beauty of its owner. It is the luxurious sable fur coats that are possessed by the most beautiful and divinely intelligent women, piercing with their spiritual beauty, for which men give all their true hearts, it is precisely such women that men sing in their memoirs.

Thoughtful lines and original details are woven together into classic ancient motifs, and elements of interior treatments complement the ideal image. In stock of our Fur Fashion House Voznesenskaya, the best sables from the auction are collected and the best varieties of fur are presented «Union of the fur». The best color palettes of the main nine color gradations and all five grays have been selected. Of course, 9 colors, this is the general statement of the official auction «Union of furs», but in fact, there is much more color in nature.

Sable is shrouded in truly warmth of aristocracy. Functionally, sables are practically not subject to time, with proper use, they do not decompose quickly, and the pile does not break off. Sable color palettes are unique and adorn the Slavic impeccable appearance and are very suitable for our regions and the beauties of our girls.

Sable fur insulates with softness on frosty, winter days. Real dark Barguzin sables have greens in their furs, and our Slavic luxurious girlish hair naturally has the same notes in the tonality of brown and green hair. Therefore, our women are the most luxurious, the most beautiful and their jewelry is perfect and with exquisite taste. As a continuation of our delightful long braids, which warm the royal maiden's shoulders.

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Sew a sable fur coat / Gray dust

A custom-made sable fur coat, such a unique decoration made of dark or light Barguzin sables with a scattering of gray hair or a small dusting of gray hair, which does not require additional outfits and sometimes even without outfits, the whole image and silhouette are tastefully emphasized on the general character of the owner of the exquisite fur. Sable fur has a few more features — this is a stuffed dark spine along the ridge, the ridge at Sobol is pronounced. The underpants with blue tints that cannot be compared with any other fur. Special shine, richness, incredible silkiness, a fur coat of 45 sables can weigh no more than 1.5-2 kilograms. Very light and silky. Enchanting with itself the whole world around! For our women, this fur made of sables of any color gradation and a scattering of gray hair is very suitable, looks harmonious and appropriate in our winter and frozen, cold latitudes.

Sew a sable fur coat to order
How much does it cost to sew a sable fur coat

Grays of gray hair in sables and color palette

Sew a sable fur coat not so easy. First you need to make the right choice of sables – color of fur, density of down, length of guard hair, highest quality of dressing of skins. A sable with gray hair from 2 to 5 degrees of gray hair is considered unique and precious. Products made of sables with gray hairs look natural and noble. Undoubtedly, they will not let the fur be left unattended by the understanding connoisseurs of these fur breeds. An inseparable part of gray hairs in sables determines the origin of the animals from the regions where they live – gray hair is inherent only in the variety of sables that grew up in the wild, in taiga places, coniferous deciduous surroundings of the harsh Baikal taiga. The sable lives in the lower tiers of the earth in a placer of stones and cedar trees, and the nimble predator of the marten with its family is located in the upper tiers of forest abodes, and they have nothing to share, in places where both species of animals meet, you can find a crossed variety — kidast. And that's why it's best to sew a sable fur coat to order or buy a sable fur coat in Fur Fashion Houses with a spotless and high reputation.

You will be given a certificate of quality, they will tell you everything you know and do not know about sables.

The tailoring of a sable fur coat to order at the Voznesenskaya Fur Fashion House will include the best variety of Barguzin sables, and the cut will include — the best part of sable fur. And throat spots in sables will not enter — which are painted over to save skins for the product. This is what the fur coat manufacturers themselves spoil their reputation.

A furrier-master in fur, not only must love to make money on expensive fur, but must also have a vision of how and in which fur lines of the image the product will turn out. A furrier of high rank. I must love all sorts of fur, have an idea of the precious fullness of down and voluminous sable fur, and with the right silhouette give noble forms to a new grandiose product.

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Buy a sable fur coat Kiev

Exclusive and unique sable fur in stock and on order. Sable mowing is done only in Italy. No supplier dares to mow a sable outside of Italy. About all varieties, about the color palette and the gradation of gray hair. Dark sables with a 4th degree of gray hair. Light-colored sables with a 5th degree of gray hair. Sable gray hair is scattered both in dark varieties of sable and in light varieties of sables; in light sables, gray hair is very clearly visible and is considered the highest variety in furs. Light gray sable is very rare. A bay for a fur coat can be ordered and the value of one skin will reach from $900.

The more common dark Barguzin gray sable, its price from $270 per skin.

That is why the most popular are dark and medium color palettes of Barguzin gray-haired sables. You can buy the Barguzin sable in Kiev – sable fur has a rich brown tint with a greenish tint and serves as an excellent background for a scattering of gray guard pile, the saturation of gray hair is often found from 2% to 30%. Rare and unique sable variety — over 30% silvery hairs in skins. The price varies for the Barguzin sable and ranges from $170 to $1200.

Sewing a sable
Sewing sable fur coats price

Repair of sable fur coats

Restoration of a sable fur coat — should only be carried out in a trusted location with a high reputation. Do not save, and do not give it into the hands of non-professionals! Learn the specifics of the furriers' work and their furrier work.

A sable fur coat that gets to a good furrier restorer will get a fresh and updated look. The effect of restoration work which lasts from 4 to 10 years with high quality and a long-term guarantee for the work and dry cleaning of the sable fur coat.

For restoration, the highest quality filling for sable fur is used, the filling should be light and airy, without weighing down the sable fur coat.

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Buy a sable fur coat in Kiev / Dry cleaning of a sable fur coat

Innovative technologies for dry cleaning of sable fur coats, eliminate yellowness, remove scattered and broken fur from old age and dirt, and return the pure shine of the fur to stuck sable pile and polish the fur and each lint so that the effect of the raised pile will remain separate from each other. Returns our two-phase dry cleaning exclusively for sable fur — creaking cleanliness and fluffy appearance, sable fur is renewed by 90%...

High-quality and professional Factory Dry-cleaner of sable fur coats in Kiev.

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Sewing sable fur coats

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