Individual tailoring of men's coat

Individual tailoring of men's coat in the studio «Voznesenskaya» — exquisite, unique, high quality.

Personalized polish for a masculine appearance. Avoiding the wrong fit of coats and stamping men's clothing from the mass markets.

A coat from a hanger never fits flawlessly in 99% of cases, it is always necessary to approach tailors to fit a coat and fit a suit. Asymmetry of the shoulders, perfect posture, long arms, voluminous torso, narrow waist, tummy, muscular figure. These are the basic standards for tailoring men's coats and tailoring men's clothing. These are all secret weapons to be loved when you are properly and clearly dressed. Want a coat that fits perfectly, flaunts your wealth and guarantees a comfortable stay outside in cold weather? In the VIP studio «Voznesenskaya» sew a coat:

  • By layout. Before creating the finished product, precise measurements are taken from the client's figure. A sketch is created, which indicates the accents of the product, accessories, the placement of pockets, the size of the lapels, collar, etc. The layout is created from dense fabrics, and on its basis the patterns are made. This ensures that all the details agreed with the client are precisely adhered to in the finished product.
  • Based on your chosen design. Every little thing will be worked out in such a way as to emphasize your refined taste, consistency and love for exclusive things. The atelier offers to choose material and accessories from thousands of samples that you can visually see and touch. Any detail is worked out by our designers and guarantees the uniqueness of the created image.
  • Made of high quality wool, leather, fur. The main material and lining are selected taking into account the climate in which the product will be used. Snow or rain, low temperatures or cool summer evenings — all this is taken into account when choosing the type of fabric, leather, lining. At the same time, the need for additional elements is determined: sleeves with straps on the wrists, buttons on the collar, a strap on the back, etc.

We sew products of any style and texture or a combination of two or three textures (combined). For example, the elbows can be made of the same fabric, and the shelf and back — from others. The choice of decor is not limited by anything. We make a fluff with fine and coarse thread, we stitch the attachment points for button loops with leather «walrus tusk», we create ornaments like the family coat of arms, etc. The atelier has repeatedly tried sewing men's coats from exotic materials: python skin, crocodile, sheared mink, goat, karakul. Accessories can be no less exotic in such products: buttons made of bone, buffalo horn, precious and semiprecious metals. If you are a connoisseur of classic coats without sophisticated decorative elements, you too have a lot to offer. Popular men's coats that are sewn in the atelier:

  • Trench coat. Special features: double-breasted closure with 10 buttons, belt with buckle, fastening on the cuff and sleeves, shoulder straps, collar with detachable stand, back yoke, slot and buckle. A trench coat can be as short as a jacket; below and above the knee; long. Sewing material for men's trench coat: organza, silk, jacquard, knitwear, leather, suede, raincoat fabric, cashmere, gabardine;
  • Chesterfield. Has several variations. In the classic — knee-length, single-breasted closure, with three buttons. The cut is straight, the lapels are long, not wide, even, the turn-down collar, often trimmed with velvet. Flap pockets, sleeves without cuffs, no seams at the waist or front darts;
  • Overcoat. Double-breasted coat with 8–16 buttons, below the knee length. Stand-up collar, large lapels, with a loop-slit. Sleeves with cuffs with button fastening or regular recoil sleeves. On the back there is a functional strap with two buttons, which tightens the overcoat at the waist. Often made from cashmere, heavy tweed and camel wool;
  • Pea jacket. Double-breasted coat just below the waist, reminiscent of a jacket. Can be with slit or patch pockets. Outer pockets can be from 2 to 6. How zipper or buttons are used — up to 8 pieces. There are models with and without a hood, as well as variations where the product looks more like a coat, with a large lapel and a stand-up collar, and those that look like a jacket. Models that strongly resemble a jacket have cuffs with an elastic band, on the sleeves there may be additional patch pockets with Velcro or a snake. From the side of the back, a tape can be used to tighten the waist;
  • Duffle coat. An informal single-breasted coat, just above the knee length, with a deep bucket hood with adjustable buttons. The product is fastened with wooden oblong buttons and hinged loops. The second most popular natural material for buttons & mdash; horns of cattle. Loops are usually made of leather or textile. Patch pockets, with and without flaps. The collar can be in the form of a stand extending behind the hood, standing-up or completely absent;
  • Parka. The origins of the invention of parkas come from the services of the British Air Force. The specially designed impregnated cotton fabric could keep the military for up to 20 minutes in freezing water before rescuers arrived. Now the park is used by sports tourists as well as in the extremely cold season. As a rule, sewing parkas with fur inside to the body, with a mandatory attribute from a hood with fur trim along the edge. In a modern interpretation, it is possible with a special filler and substitute for natural fur and a beautiful quilted inner lining and elements of fashionable handwork.

The philosophy of tailoring a men's coat to order is not to become a fashionable name for any brand, but to emphasize comfort, fit, clear lines and dignity of the personality in a coat and the philosophy of a unique male character. «Voznesenskaya» — best individual tailoring of men's coat in Kiev and Ukraine. We offer reasonable prices corresponding to the quality, convenient delivery, a guarantee for tailored coats from 3 years. Call or write to one of the messengers — Viber or Telegram.

Individual tailoring of men's coats
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