Altering mink coats in the park

Alteration of fur products — a reasonable alternative to buying a new item. This approach makes it possible to update or completely change the style, while maintaining the expensive natural mink. The fur is hidden inside, under the selected textiles or leather.

One of the current and trendy solutions — altering mink coats in the park or making a liner for a finished coat, jacket. This will turn your fur coat into a practical demi-season or winter parka.

Benefits of altering mink coats

The main plus of natural mink — is that ready-made parkas are lightweight. Such outerwear is worn even in late autumn, since the mink warms well and does not overheat at the same time. It is best to entrust the process of working with such delicate materials as mink to qualified specialists.

Fur atelier «Voznesenskaya» — it is a team of designers, cutters, furriers, tanners, tailors with extensive experience in individual tailoring. In the Fashion House, sewing of parkas is carried out only after the individual development of the sketch. The client can choose the style independently or together with a specialist.

The extensive experience of furrier-tailors allows working with a fur coat delicately and using a special technology, while maintaining its quality. If necessary, restoration of individual sections of the product is carried out, professional factory dry-cleaning of the mink is carried out.

Alteration technology: solutions and ideas

It is quite difficult to turn a fur coat into a park, but for the masters of a fur salon «Voznesenskaya» it is a doable task. In the process, the fur coat can be used in whole or in part. As a result, you will get a demi-season or winter thing, insulated from the inside with a mink lining. Another option — the use of natural mink fur for the hood, collar, trimming and edging at the edges. The method is selected based on the wishes of the client and the quality of the mink base.

By what principle is a mink fur coat altered in the atelier?

All products are made strictly to order. Altering mink coats in the park involves the following steps:

  • Personal conversation with the customer to find out more about the client's wishes;
  • Taking measurements in the atelier or transferring them online, if the client does not have the opportunity to personally be present at this stage;
  • Creation of a sketch in several versions, it is also possible to select from a photo by you or us in order to choose a suitable solution;
  • Careful processing of the mink, restoration if necessary, restoration of damaged areas of the fur coat that will be used in the process;
  • Creation of a layout for coordinating the style, making the last edits;
  • Complete alteration. Mink dry cleaning in our fur factory.

The customer, together with the master, selects the appropriate material. If you only have an idea, the fur designer will offer suitable textile solutions that match the vision of the customer and the craftsman. The following materials are used for sewing parkas from a fur coat:

  • Cotton with a tight weave.
  • Wool fabrics impregnated, cashmere impregnated.
  • Denim fabric, twill, tweed.
  • All types of natural raincoat fabrics with moisture protection.
  • Nylon (structured, smooth, with and without gloss).
  • Reinforced, water-repellent kid leather.
  • Deer, goat leather (classic) or crocodile and python (exotic).

Distinctive features are characteristic of such raw materials:

  • waterproof and waterproof surface;
  • resistance to mechanical damage, low temperatures.

If the choice stops on a material made of raincoat fabric, then the parka can be machine washed. Naturally, before that it is necessary to unfasten the fur.

When creating the top of the parka, both ordinary nylon and cotton with diagonal weaving are used. Details from a fur coat can either be hidden under a trench coat, jacket or coat, or you can process the inside of the garment. When unfolded, such a parka made of a fur coat will look aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and most importantly — warm well.

Fashionistas prefer to combine parkas with rough boots, insulated loafers and sneakers. The mink on the hood additionally insulates the head, replacing the headgear.

Popular styles of parkas from altered fur coats

Fur atelier «Voznesenskaya» proposes altering mink coats in the park in a wide variety of stylish styles. The most popular parka models that customers most often order:

  • Classic options to mid-thigh;
  • Longer back or side slits — sports option;
  • Drawstring at the waist and at the bottom;
  • Styles with a stand-up collar, a deep hood with adjustable wind clamps;
  • Cropped and elongated models with mink lining or decorative trim around the edge for additional wind protection.

Delicate processing of seams, work with a fur coat allows the atelier masters to realize interesting and exclusive ideas. Alter a mink coat in the park — an easy way to get a unique product, which you will not find analogues.

Professional equipment and qualifications of specialists make it possible to make clothes with a complex design, from combined materials. Natural mink will become a central decorative element, while performing the role of insulation.

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