Alter a fur coat

The freestyle style in fur, or the free style of creative presentation in furs, allows you to maximize the creative abilities of the tailor-furrier and create a very interesting product with a team of master artists and stylists, the main decoration of which will be hand-made details in original ways.

Altering fur coats

To remake a fur coat from a professional furrier

Control over the alteration of fur coats is the most important factor for performing work efficiently. Our supervisor is 100% professional in his field, he is responsible for the speed of the fundamental distribution of work between the team of craftsmen, is responsible for the speed and quality of procurement of the necessary accessories and the production of parts so that the work does not stop during the execution of your order.

High-quality tailoring discipline in various types of furrier art, in the art of which handicrafts are freely performed with elements of varying degrees of complexity.

Alter a fur coat in a complete change of the model to a completely new topical product. A product that will not remind you of the old outdated forms.

The old fur coat comes from the stylist — designer into the hands of a professional furrier. A sketch or several sketches are created with sketches of lines for the future silhouette. The client has a desire to select models from a photo.

Once selected, we approve the silhouette and create the layout. In the model visualization method, we will be able to predict the exact perfect forms of the combination of the product in the silhouette and the features of the figure. We make corrections and edits in the layout. Taking into account all the wishes of the client and the recommendations of the leading masters.

And only after a perfectly folded layout do we start developing exceptional individual patterns. Patterns that fit perfectly into the fur product, after such patterns, the new fur coat does not undergo additional alterations and unnecessary changes and adjustments in the fur, which is very traumatic for the product.

Fur is cut according to such precise patterns — once, grind with 1 mm furrier seam. After assembly, the fur product is sent to a professional factory two-phase dry-cleaning of a fur coat with eco-rolling and fur polishing. After all SPA procedures for fur, the fur coat returns to the hands of a professional furrier 100% manual completion of the fur coat in detail: this is high-quality filling, edging, mounting tape, installation of metal guides in the collar, installation and replacement of new hooks, installation of fur clips, clamps, tightening elastic bands, velvet pockets, magnets for fur, installing a fur edging between the lining and the fur, replacing the lining in a fur coat, special shoulder pads for a fur coat, soft filling in places where it is necessary, as well as additional fittings according to the style. After the complete manual assembly of the fur coat, we invite the client to our salon for the finishing tactile and demonstration fitting. After reviewing the high quality work in detail for your fur, the fur product is issued.

Alter the fur coat — can only be done professionally by high-class specialists. Do not try your luck with craftsmen for a low price, where the quality of workmanship can be absolutely questionable.

Often, it's not easy to remake a fur coat. Fur coat — requires more attention than just altering a fur coat. Burnt spots appear in the fur. A yellowed fur coat has faded spots, green stripes. Such reactions are from direct heat and burns on the fur coat. Quite often, from time and age, discolored fur coats with difficult places in a fur coat, from heating in a car seat, and of course the saddest thing is — natural decay of fur, age-related changes in leather, and all these problems are handled with high quality only by professionals in fur.

Alter a fur coat price
Altered fur coats before and after

Where to order a fur coat alteration?

Fur craftsmen and fur stylists have the knowledge of how to get around this or that cause with the elimination of any trouble that has appeared in the fur product. Do not spare time and finances to contact high-quality masters of their craft, be attentive to the choice of a fur atelier.

We invite you to consult with specialists of your favorite business. And you, of course, will be satisfied with the high-level performance of service for fur.

Alteration of fur coats
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