Fur atelier

Behind the scenes of the fur industry ... few people fully understand the meaning of this word, but everyone feels: now fur atelier will reveal some secret and something more will be revealed, something that is inaccessible to the broad masses, and sensations only intensify the desire to pull back that very curtain. Well, enjoy! The famous Voznesenskaya brand from the Leading Fashion House opens the doors of its own developments inspired by the love of perfection, creating our Brand Voznesenskaya, taking into account all the wishes of customers of different styles and even the most unusual requests of customers. Fur atelier in Kiev presents fur restorers and all the most complex restoration work with fur.

Fur atelier

Our restorers furriers not only restore worn-out furs, but also make products from luxurious soft varieties of fur; sable, marten, lynx, chinchilla, Blackglam, Nafa, Saga mink auction. Broadtail and astrakhan fur, sheepskin fur of any kind. All types of leather and exotic leather are available in our Kiev fur atelier. Your wishes and dreams come true with our professional fur atelier team.

Fur tailoring atelier
Fur atelier furs and fur coats

Turn to the Professionals Don't test your average textile tailor!

Fur atelier (Kiev) - offers an absolutely complete fur service, which includes the full range of our professional services, and you can order and receive at the highest level:

  • sewing a fur coat;
  • having altered fur coats;
  • redraw the fur coat;
  • eliminate yellowness on the fur;
  • eliminate yellowness in a fur coat;
  • dye the fur;
  • paint a fur coat;
  • dry cleaning of fur by our fur factory;
  • factory dry cleaning of fur coats;
  • manual cleaning of a fur coat;
  • clean the chinchilla;
  • eliminate yellowness in chinchilla;
  • ablation of skins;
  • trimming fur, skins;
  • to make an abstraction on a fur coat;
  • order fur inlay;
  • fur inlay;
  • replace any details in the fur coat;
  • cut the bottom of the fur coat;
  • make an edge;
  • replace the fur collar;
  • make a hood from the bottom of a fur coat;
  • eliminate bald patches on a fur coat;
  • remove bald spots on a fur coat;
  • sew in a fur coat;
  • replace the lining in a fur coat;
  • replace hooks in a fur coat (fur clips);
  • remake a fur coat after unskilled tailors;
  • antimol for a fur coat;
  • eliminate moths in a fur coat;
  • remove moths in fur;
  • complete procedure for the elimination of moths in a fur coat;
  • eliminate the rustle of a fur coat after wet snow;
  • eliminate spilled wine, coffee, juice, liquid on a fur coat;
  • remove the stain on the fur coat;
  • remove green spots on the fur coat.
Fur atelier repair

Only narrow-profile specialists in fur work with fur - FURRIERS!

High profile fur atelier Kiev from the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion and our team of furriers, leather workers, knitwear, outerwear textile masters, light dresses, underwear masters, mens suit masters, knitted and crocheted garments. The entire tailor team is at your service. A team that can cope with any task, even the most hopeless one. Fur coat sewing and repair, sheepskin coat sewing and repair, leather clothing sewing and repair, leather clothes repair, jacket altering and repair. Sewing and repair of clothes is performed by textile and knitwear masters - this is our separate segment of tailors.

Fur atelier Kiev prices

Fur atelier in Kiev invites you to a full service of our services in fur!

In the studio of fur and leather in Kiev from the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion there is a huge selection of fur and leather for sewing high-quality, individual, exclusive items. For sewing fur coats, sheepskin coats, fur vests and other products, we offer some of the best furs in the world - Blackglama, Kopenhagen, Nafa, Saga and others.

Fur of sable, lynx, chinchilla, mink, arctic fox, silver fox, ermine and other most exclusive furs can be purchased directly in our fur studio in Kiev. Our experts will not only tell you what kind of fur is better to buy to create this or that product, but also make a sketch of the future thing, make a preliminary model of clothes out of the fabric, so that you can see how this or that thing sits on you. Masters of the Voznesenskaya fur and leather atelier fully accompany the process of creating interesting, unique things and accessories for clothes.

Fur atelier Kiev
Fur atelier Kiev

Our team from the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion will gladly carry out altering your old or boring clothes for you. We can carry out repairs of fur products, even very urgent ones. Quality is guaranteed! The vast experience of all our specialists, adopted European and created our own exclusive tailoring and repair technologies, allow us to perform the most difficult work in a very short time.

Professional fur atelier in Kiev - not just a fur salon, where you will be offered to sew a fur coat or sheepskin coat. A real fur and leather atelier is a unique community of tailors, furriers, cutters, fashion designers, a team that has been formed over the years. The best fur and leather craftsmen in Ukraine are gathered together in the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House for the sake of one goal - to create real masterpieces for our clients!

For our clients, we also carry out sewing of fur carpets, bedspreads, fur vests, hats, home accessories and much more. Even for your four-legged pet, you can order exclusive tailoring. Any item can be tailored in the leather and fur atelier of the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House.

Refer to highly qualified craftsmen who will help determine your individual style and future exclusive image, fur atelier invites you to visit for a perfect and high-quality work with a guarantee!

Fur atelier fur coat repair
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