Atelier and dry cleaning

Atelier and dry cleaning provides a wide range of high-class services for the restoration of your favorite clothes and various wardrobe items, as well as tailoring products of any complexity.

Skilled masters of their craft will meet you here. Thanks to the professionalism of our craftsmen, the process of sewing and repairing clothes turns into a beautiful and sophisticated ritual. Our atelier also has a delivery service for your item. Is our tailor shop and dry cleaning works throughout Ukraine through “New Mail”

Atelier and dry cleaning in the city center (Pechersk) and near pl. Sevastopol

  • professional tailoring and repair in the atelier;
  • repair of leather items and clothing;
  • repair of fur and jeans;
  • dry cleaning and painting;
  • dry cleaning and dyeing of leather;
  • repair and restoration;
  • replacement of the lining in a fur coat;
  • having altered fur coats;
  • restoration of a leather jacket, leather;
  • replacement in a leather jacket: leather parts, lock, lining, buttons, eyelets, elimination of gaps;
  • fitting and restoration with sewing and alteration of home textiles: curtains, tulle, tablecloths, napkins, duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads and carpets;
  • restoration of knitwear, knitwear, knitted clothing;
  • altering leather items;
  • sewing evening dresses;
  • sewing of wedding dresses.

Atelier and dry cleaning Solomensky district in all types of sewing from fur, leather, knitwear, textiles. In our ateliers of the Flagship Fashion House, you are provided with service for any product from your wardrobe and home accessories:

  1. Order restoration from textiles, knitwear, leather, fur and other materials.
  2. Shorten or lengthen; bottom of trousers, skirts, coats.
  3. Sew or embroider; dress, trousers, skirt, jacket, jacket, sheepskin coat.
  4. Restoration of leather products, replacement of parts, elimination of gaps.
  5. To mend jeans with artistic darning, order a piece of gusts and scuffs on clothes.
  6. Shorten or lengthen the bottom, sew in the corset, alter the wedding and evening dresses.
  7. Shorten or repair jerseys.
  8. Individually sew; coat, jacket, dress, trousers, corset, sundress.
  9. And also to sew accessories for home or christening, birth or wedding.
  10. Customize and alter a men's suit individually; jacket, trousers, shirt, vest, tailcoat.
  11. Order restoration and alteration of the fur coat.
  12. Individual sewing of a product from various furs; vest, fur coat, sheepskin coat, hat, stole, fur scarf, etc.
  13. Replace the fur collar.
  14. Replace fur trim.
  15. Alter the fur hat.
  16. Alter the fur coat.
  17. Shorten the bottom of the fur coat and make a hood or a new collar from the remainder of the bottom.
  18. Make repairs to leather items and sheepskin coats.
  19. Install buttons, eyelets, halniken, additional holes in the belt or belt.
  20. Replace the zipper in a jacket, sheepskin coat, jeans, skirts, trousers and other products.
  21. Replace or install hooks in the fur garment.
  22. Replace, reshape or restore the lining in a fur coat, coat, jacket, skirt, etc.
  23. Repair bags and accessories.

In our atelier and dry cleaning there is a WATER CLEANING SERVICE from the Flagship Fashion House

  • dry cleaning and water cleaning of clothes; coats, down jackets, suits, etc.
  • manual, dry cleaning of exclusive items;
  • renewal and dyeing of leather things and sheepskin coats;
  • dry cleaning and painting of fur coats;
  • dry cleaning and restoration of wedding dresses;
  • dry cleaning and water cleaning of toys;
  • dry cleaning and water cleaning of curtains and bedspreads;
  • deep cleaning of carpets;
  • washing and ironing of bed linen;
  • ironing and steaming things.

Is our tailor shop and dry cleaning in Kiev provides the largest range of services for the restoration of all types of clothing. Come to our studio soon and we will surprise you.

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