The answers to very frequent questions that are asked if you want to alter a fur coat, overlap a fur coat or repair a fur coat, experts of the Voznesenskaya flagship fashion house have combined in one article. We tried to give the most detailed answers to the eternal female question — what to do when there is a fur coat or fur products, but there is essentially nothing to wear?

What if you have a fur coat that is beautiful but slightly worn? You can always alter a fur coat

In the case when the product has lost its initially gorgeous look, restoration or repair of the fur coat will help, as well as cutting the fur coat or altering it — these are great ways to update a fur thing! Our experts will be able to remove all worn out areas with minimal loss of usable area. Replace broken hooks with new ones, find small holes and sew them up in time: repairing a fur coat in this case is simply an irreplaceable service.

We can give it to a special fur cleaning or brush the light fur by hand, and give an iridescent shine to the dark one. For this procedure, we have a factory professional dry cleaning of a fur coat.

Altering fur coats

Also, our specialists can comb the product with special brass combs. From what the fur becomes fluffy and crumbly. Wash or clean the lining of the product. Timely care of the fur coat will extend its service life and save your finances. Do not put off repairing your fur coat for a long time.

Alter a fur coat

Alteration of a fur coat

Altering fur coat

Do you have a fur coat, but the style is out of fashion and is worn? Perhaps just alter the fur coat

If the style of the fur coat is no longer the most fashionable, it doesn't matter! You can always alter a fur coat, overlap fur coats according to the latest trends.

Alter a fur coat price

Of course, fashion is very changeable. And every new season we want something new. I want to keep up with the latest trends and catch admiring glances. Taking out a fur coat from the closet after the summer, it seems still nothing, but after a week or two the bored style begins to bore, and the worn look does not please the eye. In this case, we recommend you complete or partial cutting of the fur coat. If you alter a fur coat with high quality, you can completely transform the product — make it the most fashionable thing!

Alter the fur coat

Alter an old fur coat

Alteration of an old fur coat

To alter a mink fur coat

Remake a mink coat

Atelier for altering fur coats

Alteration of astrakhan fur coat

Alter a nutria fur coat

Altering fur coats price

Alteration of a fur coat from a muton

Alteration of an astrakhan fur coat

Alteration of a mink fur coat

Alter fur coat photo

Partially redrawing a fur coat or altering your fur coat means making small changes to the main style. Having looked at you in a fur coat and taking into account your preferences and wishes, our designers and constructors will tell you how to make changes in the best way. This can be a change in the length of the product as a whole, or only 3/4 or 7/8 sleeves.

You can also reshape the fur coat, and make a hood instead of a collar from the bottom of the fur coat, or make a collar from the hood. Make the silhouette a “barrel” or fit. Perhaps your product can be trimmed with other fur, leather, lace or fabric. And also replace the lining in the fur coat with a new, more modern one, because the inner look is also important.

Altering fur products

In addition, of course, you should remove all frayed areas and clean the fur. You will be able to significantly transform, while spending not so much money at all — significantly less than buying a new thing.

Alteration of nutria fur coat

To completely reshape a fur coat, to alter a fur coat at the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion — means the opportunity to completely renew the silhouette and completely change the style and, possibly, even the direction of the hairline. For example, make a fashionable horizontal coat out of a vertical fur coat — “across”. Make a “diagonal” pattern of fur. This is also a change in the size range, if, for example, the fur coat is “not yours”, but inherited. To reshape a fur coat from austere and boring, you can transform it into an extravagant and unusual.

Thanks to modern technologies for dyeing and tinting fur. We also have our fur factory, which will be able to dye your fur coat at a high professional level. And our colorist will help to determine the color, who will take into account your appearance and your skin type. Nobody will have such a coat! Also take the opportunity to order an individual sewing a fur coat — we will select furs, style, accessories, accessories. You will become a real queen after sewing fur products in our studio!

The presence of fresh fashion magazines in our Flagship Fashion House will help to visualize the desired image as much as possible. It can also be done in pencil sketch by our designer, taking into account all preferences. As a rule, with a complete overlap of a fur coat, first a mock-up of a fabric product is made, on which all the necessary comments will be made. And only after the final approval of the model will the fur be cut directly.

As a result, you will receive at least a new fur coat. And even two! After all, sometimes with a successful cut, decent pieces of fur remain. Which, if you wish, you can leave for further restoration, or you can sew something. For example, a vest, cape or fur cape. Or it will be some kind of children's product. As you can see, it is possible to alter a fur coat from a specialist. And, in fact, you should not worry if you turned to meters of furrier craft — to the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House.

If there are not so many remnants of fur, you can still think of something with them. You can sew a small fur item — for example, a headdress, muff or clutch, a detachable collar on a coat, or other accessory. In any case, it will be cheaper than buying a new item. After all, you do not pay for the remnants of fur. Let alone the fact that it will be 100% exclusive, in which your unique style and image will be recognized. As you can see, you can successfully reshape the fur coat, and in the end you will get another small fur product.

Do you have a fur coat, two or old furs, but you don't want to throw them away? Then you can alter the fur coat!

What to do with different old or not very fur? Bring to us! Fur restoration works wonders! These can be fur coats or fur collars, or other fur products. Any species: astrakhan fur, broad tail, arctic fox, black-brown fox or mink. Many furs go well with each other. And not only as decorative inserts, but also by complex cutting of fur. It can be stitching one through one: fur with fur or fur-leather or fur with rep ribbons, braid, lace. For example, a black-and-brown fox embroidered with beaded braid looks very beautiful — shining through the fur feathers, the fur creates the effect of light frost, attracting the attention of everyone around. Also, complex cutting methods include re-throwing, dissolving and much more, which can be performed by the fur masters of the Voznesenskaya Flagship House of Fashion.

Alter mink coat

Even if it is inappropriate to wear a product in itself, we will help you combine different products into a new beautiful stylish look. For example, our craftsmen can sew a fur vest or sew a fur stole, which will wrap and warm you on a cool day or evening.

Reshape the fur coat

Do you have a fur coat, is it beautiful and fashionable and would you like it to stay so long? Don't forget to repair, dry-clean or alter your fur coat

Fur is a unique creation that nature gave us. When it is new, it is crumbly, fluffy, light and shiny. But throughout its existence, over time, the fur breathes, absorbs moisture, dries out, stretches, gets dirty, burns out and breaks.

In order for your fur products to serve as long as possible, it is worth keeping an eye on them. Basically, it's as simple as keeping track of our scalp hair. You should not expose the fur to direct sunlight, periodically you need to walk it in the cold to fluff it up. And let him breathe, taking it out of the closet and shaking it off.

For the best preservation of the product, services such as repair of a fur coat, restoration of fur, cutting fur products, altering fur coats will help. The Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House will help you to reshape a fur coat or repair a product. Our craftsmen will provide the best recommendations in accordance with the latest trends in high fashion and will carry out alteration of the fur coat or its restoration at the highest level.

Take advantage of some of our tips. It is better to store fur in a dark, cool and ventilated place. Well, and the most important thing to do is to dry-clean the fur coat every year. Just as every person periodically washes his hair with shampoo, washing off excess grease, dust and soot present in cities, a fur coat should also be pampered with dry cleaning at the end of the season, in spring. Special solutions and treatment with professional chemistry will significantly extend the service life of fur, eliminate problems with moths and give your product a permanent luxurious appearance.

The most important thing is the right choice of specialists in furrier business is the key to the success and beauty of your fur coat or your fur product. Choose carefully the specialists to whom you apply. After all, the master will become an indispensable assistant for an expensive fur product — like a family doctor for many years.

Call and sign up for a consultation with the masters of the Voznesenskaya Flagship Fashion House. We are always glad to our visitors and customers!

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