Заказать реставрацию мехового изделия

Renovation of furs is a service that will allow your fur coat, hat or other furs to get new functionality that matches the new trends of the season! The contemporary style of activity of owners of fur and leather forces may cause them to do make sudden movements that contribute to the dissection of fur or skin. Lining and hook breaks, zipper damage or other inconvenience may be caused. Is such things happened, we would kindly invite you to Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House where our experts, furriers and craftsmen will quickly and efficiently perform the renovation of furs. We will carry out protective service and renovation of fur and leather, even in hopeless cases!


If you do not want to have your fur coat destroyed, do not save on its repair!
Address only certified furriers and use only factory dry cleaners! Everything else is “amateurishness”. “Penny-wise, but pound — foolish”, think about the question — can there be high quality for a small price?


Реставрация меховых изделий от Флагманского Дома Моды Вознесенской

Замена молний, ремонт одежды в Киеве

Our craftsmen can perform complex, delicate workmanship for example:

  • production of fur and leather parts for the installation of elements of fur and textile clothing with fur trim;
  • urgent replacement of zippers in a fur coat and fur clothing;
  • edging repair;
  • replacing the collar and the edging;
  • replacing fabric in pockets with the pleasantly tactile and velvet pocket and much more.

By the way, zippers of standard and non-standard length are always in stock in Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House.

If necessary, you can purchase a zipper of individual lengths or colors or it can also be ordered.

We will suggest and pick up the zipper of the required length and reliability. We mainly use fittings from Italy and Belgium.

However, if you wish, you can participate in the purchase of zippers or accessories and bring them to us to repair your fur clothes.

Ремонт меховых изделий - изготовление довязов

Here are a few important details for those whose items are bought abroad or sewn by branded fashion houses. Repairing of clothes made of various brands is usually more complicated, because each fashion house protects its manufactures (these can be unique seams or threads, original parts, accessories, etc.). We select all the details exactly as on the pieces of cloths. We use threads from the best manufacturers: Gutermann, Grall, Serafil, AMANN. We use mounting tapes, guides decorative edges for sheepskin products and leather, special materials to strengthen the seams and leather. Therefore, at Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House even the repair of expensive, complex, branded things is possible!

Покраска, химчистка шубы, меха

Химчистка, покраска меха, шубы Киев

Качественный ремонт одежды, шубы в Киеве

Реставрация шубы и меховых изделий от Флагманского Дома Моды Вознесенской

Реставрация шубы и меховых изделий от Флагманского Дома Моды Вознесенской

Реставрация шубы и меховых изделий от Флагманского Дома Моды Вознесенской

Реставрация шубы и меховых изделий от Флагманского Дома Моды Вознесенской

In the photo section “Before” and “After” you can see our completed and restored re-sewed manufactures, clothes, home accessories and personal items. We carry out repairs of tearing leather over pockets. We also repair and eliminate scuffs and bald patches in fur, install new leather parts and new fur parts, eyelets, buttons, and much more. We select all accessories individually and in matching color of your unique things.

As you can see, the craftsmen of Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House can cope even with complex cases of repair on expensive and unique manufactures.

Ремонт кармана в дубленке

For the examples of our works see the photo section “Before” and “After” you will find the following services: execution and replacement in a male sheepskin coat of an old asymmetric collar from dilapidated fur. The selection of new fur is made by the customer himself from the proposed more elegant options. For models with an exclusive color and an unusual palette, we offer various fur, leather structures, raw materials for sheepskin coats among your range of shades. In our boutique there is a choice of fur: badger, possum, steppe fox, raccoon, shorthair mink skins and ponies, sheepskin and goat skins, kangaroos and sheepskin raw materials.

Ремонт воротника в Киеве

Реставрация изделий из меха

ADDITIONAL SERVICE — includes professional dry-cleaning and dyeing of sheepskin and leather products.

Dyeing and tinting of fur and fur manufactures.

Innovative, best fur coat dry-cleaning developed by our experienced furriers and fur experts.

Our service is carried out by the best professionals and specialists in the cleaning and dyeing of old fur coats!

We pay special attention to the fur that has already been used.

The duration of dry cleaning or dyeing of leather and sheepskin products is 10 -15 days. Fur coat dyeing takes from 30 to 60 business days. Even if there are bald patches, scuffs, stubborn paint or other dirt on the fur, our specialists will be able to offer a solution for the restoration of your unique fur clothing.

Ремонт, реставрация норковой шубы

Our factory has existed since the beginning of the 19th century till the present day, and thanks to the work experience that has been passed from generation to generation, today our specialists have many techniques for renovating and updating fur products for any condition, as well as carry out minor restorations and repairs of fur products using innovative technologies which enhances the quality of our work.

Срочный ремонт кожи, дубленок, шуб, меха, кожаных и меховых изделий

In order to receive professional advice from the fur shop ateliers, it is best to bring the fur manufacture directly to Voznesenskaya Leading Couture House. After evaluating the work, the cost of restoring the fur product or the cost of additional services will be formed (it may be necessary to carry out the dry clean the fur or aqua cleaning of lining).

If you want to know the cost of working by phone, take into account that it will be impossible to form an exact amount, the cost can only be approximate. Since the manufacture needs to be seen and held in hands, having studied the seams, internal content, structure, etc. And only after that a solution may be offered. Having seen the manufacture, professional and experienced specialists will think over several options for you to repair and restore a leather or fur manufacture — the price is final and does not change after completion. The deadlines are necessarily specified.

Have the fur and leather manufactures repaired within a day or several hours! We do everything qualitatively and with a warranty! We may help you even in hopeless cases!

Починка меха, меховых изделий