Backpack Repair

Backpacks, briefcases, bags and suitcases wear out quickly: corners and handles are wiped off, the lining is torn, and scratches and other mechanical damage appear on the surface. Repair of bags (Kiev) in Voznesenskaya's atelier is a surefire way to fix both visible and hidden defects of an accessory.

Repair of a leather portfolio and restoration of a leather portfolio, as well as bags, as well as individual tailoring of bags to order (Kiev), is carried out on specialized equipment that makes processing neat and safe. Repair of bags in the studio is carried out by professional craftsmen with extensive practical experience.

In addition to repair services, Voznesenskaya Fashion House offers customers tailoring of custom-made bags of quality materials with durable, wear-resistant fittings.

Repair of backpacks (Kiev): main directions

Repair of the backpack makes it possible to refresh the appearance of the product. The workshop’s specialists work with natural and artificial leather, specially coated textiles, and canvas. Repair of backpacks (Kiev) of the luxury segment involves the use of special equipment, which guarantees high-quality stitching and the elimination of even serious defects.

Atelier Voznesenskaya provides a full range of services for the restoration of leather accessories, including:

Repair of backpacks Kiev

  • repair of the lock on the briefcase;
  • repair of lines on a bag, briefcase;
  • replacement of the handle in the briefcase;
  • dry cleaning of portfolios;
  • selection of lost / broken hardware;
  • installation of accessories;
  • installation of accessories;
  • portfolio cleaning;
  • dry cleaning and painting of an expensive portfolio.

When repairing a branded portfolio, the craftsmen use leather that is identical in texture and shade, thereby preserving a holistic look of the product. If the replacement of the element is not possible, the specialist decides directly with the client from which part of the product to take the material to restore the damaged area.

Also, customers can make tailoring of bags to order (Kiev), backpacks of large and miniature sizes.

Repair of leather bags Kiev: features of work

Leather bag repair

Over time, the skin wears out and becomes scratched even by a slight mechanical impact. After prolonged use, the fittings also become unusable, especially parts made of plastic.

Atelier Voznesenskaya offers a wide range of bag recovery services. So, in the workshop you can:

  • clean the lining in the bag;
  • replace the zipper in the bag;
  • replace the handles in the bag;
  • eliminate scuffs in a leather briefcase, bag;
  • repair tears on the skin, i.e. restore the surface of the leather cover in the briefcase or bag.

Repair of leather bags (Kiev) in the studio involves the use of quality materials - thread Serafil, Gutermann, Amann. Locks, buttons, eyelets, buckles and buttons are cleaned and polished. Specialists can solder a branded part or replace it. All restoration decisions must be negotiated with the client.

How is the repair of leather goods (Kiev)

Repair of leather goods

Wallets, purses and belts made of genuine leather require a delicate attitude during restoration work. Repair of leather goods (Kiev) includes restoration of areas with scratches, restoration of holes and other coating defects. If necessary, specialists will lay new decorative stitches to refresh the look of the accessory.

If the product has lost its original color and is covered with cracks, the craftsmen will paint and restore the surface, remove stains. Repair of leather goods involves the use of high-quality Saphir paints and chemical solutions that cope with damage.

Repair of travel bags (Kiev) involves a number of the following works:

  • bag cleaning;
  • replacement of leather parts on the bag;
  • installation and replacement of screws, legs on the bag, briefcase (also the selection of new locks with and without a code);
  • installation and replacement of holniten, buttons, eyelets, carbines, half rings and various holders;
  • sewing bags;
  • replacement of handles in a bag;
  • selection of skin that is ideally suited for structure and color;
  • dry cleaning bags.

Repair of a suitcase (Kiev) involves a number of similar operations that guarantee full restoration and an updated appearance.

Bag restoration: milestones

Bag restoration

Voznesenskaya Fashion House guarantees a high quality of restoration, as the craftsmen are responsible for the work done. Restoration of bags begins with a consultation, during which a comprehensive evaluation of the product. You can choose the list of services yourself, indicating what exactly should be changed in the product, or use the recommendations of experts.

A professional inspection allows you to choose the right strategy and coordinate the operations performed. After the evaluation, the product is transferred to the masters who perform a full-fledged set of procedures and repair of accessories for bags (Kiev).

The most popular services include the following:

  • lining replacement in bag, briefcase;
  • brand bag repair;
  • sewing a backpack or other accessory;
  • dry cleaning of a branded bag, portfolio;
  • painting and dry cleaning bags and briefcases in the complex.

Upon completion of restoration work, the client evaluates the condition of the thing. Repair of suitcases (Kiev, Pechersky district) is carried out according to a similar algorithm. The guarantee for restoration work confirms the high quality and skill of the studio staff.

Repair of women’s bags (Kiev): with what products do the atelier masters work

Repair of women's bags

Specialists of Voznesenskaya Fashion House will cope with damage to any complexity, regardless of the model and design of the accessory. Repair of women's bags (Kiev) includes working with classic hand and shoulder models, clutches, satchels, tablets, hobos, pouches. In the listed accessories, the skin can be glossy, matte, lacquered, finely and coarsely textured, velvety.

In addition, the restoration of bags (Kiev) involves working with canvas and other types of textiles. Specialists will perform both classic and specific tasks, namely they will be able to:

  • replace zippers in a briefcase, bag, backpack;
  • replace the handle in the briefcase, bag;
  • sewing a portfolio;
  • dry clean and paint an expensive bag;
  • eliminate any defects on the briefcase and other accessories.

Also, customers are able to custom tailor bags to order (Kiev) in Voznesenskaya Fashion House. Sketches can be selected directly in the studio or provide your own options. The list of services also complements the repair of suitcases (Kiev, center). Specialists will correct both damage to the external coating and complex structural defects (replacing the lock, housing, wheels, fasteners and pull-out elements).

Why you should choose bag repair (Kiev, center) in the studio: advantages

Repair of bags Kiev

Professional restoration makes it possible to return a presentable store look to your favorite thing. Repair of bags (Kiev, center) in Voznesenskaya Fashion House is a qualified craftsman with extensive practical experience and modern specialized equipment. A large assortment of accessories, materials and consumables allows you to repair leather bags as quickly as possible. The finished result surprises and really pleases customers.

Turning to the studio, you can choose a complex or stop at one procedure, for example, repairing the handles of a bag. If necessary, these elements can be altered, lengthened or shortened, supplemented with fixing parts.

One of the most popular services is replacing a zipper slider and repairing a briefcase lock. The listed problems are eliminated quite easily and quickly. The cost of basic restoration services will delight customers with democracy.

Repair of exclusive branded products

Repair of exclusive branded products

Repair of luxury bags (Kiev) is another area in which the studio has been working for more than a year. The specialists of the center manually process even the most elegant design elements without disturbing the skin structure. Skillful repair of bags (Kiev, Solomensky district) will help preserve the appearance of the accessory, so it will not lose in value and will become a truly profitable investment of assets.

Working with premium segment products, specialists also perform portfolio repair (Kiev). The most popular hits include:

  • mending the shoulders of a knapsack;
  • repair of the handle of the briefcase and accessories;
  • elimination of scuffs and scratches on the outside;
  • lining restoration.

You can also order a comprehensive portfolio repair, which includes dry cleaning.

If your geolocation is Kiev, the repair of bags and other leather goods should be entrusted to the Voznesenskaya studio. Portfolio repair (Kiev, Pechersk), like other works, is carried out on time, without delay. During the restoration, all the wishes of the client are taken into account, so the result always meets expectations. Warranty — confirmation of quality, craftsmanship, professional approach and first-class service.

Sewing bags according to unique designs

Sewing bags to order

One of the most popular atelier services is sewing custom-made bags (Kiev), as well as large and miniature backpacks. Talented atelier masters realize any of your ideas. In addition to classic design bags, the seamstresses of the Voznesenskaya studio will create an exclusive model of any complexity, for example, in the form of a soft toy or with original decorative elements.

Individual tailoring of bags to order (Kiev), as well as repair of accessories, is carried out on professional equipment that ensures the safe processing of materials. Voznesenskaya Fashion House uses high-quality, wear-resistant fittings and branded threads. Specialists pay special attention to details, so the finished product is thought out to the smallest detail.

Creating a new accessory takes place in several stages:

  • development of a sketch according to the wishes of the customer;
  • selection of materials: bases, accessories, decorative elements, fasteners;
  • customer approval;
  • implementation of the idea.

The equipment of the Ascension Fashion House is suitable for processing leather, thin and durable textiles. All elements of the products are stitched, and not fastened to glue. The base material can be individually selected genuine or artificial leather, textiles. In addition to sewing products from scratch, the craftsmen will restore their favorite obsolete bag model, giving it a new exclusive design.

Sewing custom-made bags at Voznesenskaya's atelier is an opportunity to show your individuality and excellent taste, as well as to get a thing that 100% meets your ideas about aesthetics. The guarantee of the quality of the created products is high professionalism and great practical experience of the team, tracking the latest fashion trends, working with high-quality materials and equipment.


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